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Let in, Let go (Miami)

Client: Satellite Art Fair

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Holly Danger

Holly Danger


Jeff Schram

Holly Danger


Satellite Art Fair provided a 15'X15' room in an old co-working space, called 305 Works Our exhibit took place in the Wynwood Walls neighborhood of Miami during Miami Art Week. I used three Optoma short throw projectors, madmapper software and my mac pro laptop to run the three channel video projection installation. The work created was original video art crafted over several days of a daily creative practice.


This piece explores the interplay of natural and digital elements in a series of video art and collage in a 20 minute loop. The two worlds merge together with their similar visual qualities of symmetry, repeating patterns, shapes, color and form while moving across the room to complementary binaural beats. In several scenes, video footage was taken from nature and Adobe After Effects was used to extract it’s colors and patterns generating new abstract digital forms, while maintaining it’s original natural movements and color palettes. The tempo of the work is designed to linger slightly longer than average attention spans, offering a brief moment of sanctuary from our fast-paced busy lives. Binaural sounds accompany the piece with a slightly different frequency in the left and right speakers. By listening to these different tones your brainwaves can induce altered states of relaxation, meditation and creativity. I’ve created my visuals to match these sounds and beats to help bring awareness to the present moment and a peaceful pause to all who experience the art.


The animations were created as video collages with After Effects through an everyday creative practice. I used my personal collection of design work, photography, video clips and drone footage shot by Jeff Schram from our travels together as my raw material. Once I reached 150 days of working for 30 minutes a day, I edited the work together in Premiere Pro, and composed a music track from music I licensed through Artlist.io. I also reached out to Cory Allen, known for his incredible binaural beats, and got permission to incorporate his meditative songs into the mix. My partner Jeff Schram developed visual techniques in Madmapper, our projection mapping software, that stretched and pulled out pixels from my collage work, and we tested projections in our space, The Danger Gallery, in Stamford, CT throughout our process. Once we had a working collection of imagery and sound, we flew to Miami and set everything up at the Satellite Art Show to share at the art fair. We added candles, floor pillows and faux fur rugs to give the room a warm, inviting feeling of sanctuary and respite.

Additional Information

I really enjoyed the engagement level that participants had with the piece itself. Attendees stayed between 30-60 minutes each at a time! Jeff and I sat in the exhibit for the duration of the art fair and met people from around the world who thanked us for providing a quiet space and moment of rest during the bustle and rush of Art Basel. I hope to tour around "Let in, Let go" to galleries and future spaces in need of a peaceful moment in time and connection. To view the whole piece as it was exhibited, please visit: https://vimeo.com/389348727