Let in, Let go Immersive Experience - CODAworx

Let in, Let go Immersive Experience

Client: Bruce Museum

Location: Greenwich, CT, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team

Video Artist

Holly Danger


Bruce Museum

Projection Mapping & Equipment

Crossfire Sound Productions


“Let in, Let go” is an immersive video art experience that awakens the senses with colorful, moving, abstract art. It invites the viewer to take a respite from the outside world, quiet the mind and go inward.

The piece explores the sensory and emotional connections we have when experiencing synchronicity through an atmosphere of visuals and sound. The imagery was inspired by elements found in nature, and discovering a digital reinvention of their form, color, and symmetry.

The work is designed to hold you in the present moment, and take you on a journey, offering a sanctuary in this space and time.

“Let in, Let go” has been exhibited at the Satellite Art Show for Miami Art Week, at the Illuminus Festival in Boston, and at the K Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea.


The goal was to transform the Bruce Museum's main gallery space into an immersive art experience. I created the video content for a previous installation in a smaller room, so the goal here became to reappropriate the work for a larger environment. The work is abstract and therefore has a lot of freedom when being mapped to different spaces.


The Bruce Museum had been closed for a year due to the pandemic and wanted to open back up with an exhibition they had never done before. This was the first time they were showcasing video art and featured the work in their main gallery. We had a turn around time of two weeks to put the exhibit together. I worked with Kyle of Crossfire Sound Pro to rent equipment and provide projection mapping.