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L’Ermitage Hotel Beverly Hills

Submitted by Trudy Montgomery

Client: L'Ermitage Beverly Hills

Location: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team

Art Consultant

Trudy Montgomery

Blue Tangerine Art


Trudy Montgomery


L'Ermitage Beverly Hills is a five star luxury hotel owned by the Viceroy group. Having curated commissioned artwork for the lounge, bar and restaurant of this hotel, I was asked to source artwork to replace artwork in the hotel's premium suites on three floors, including the Presidential Suite and Governor's suite. There was no budget for the project, but any sales would be directly handled by the art consultant.


The artwork needed to bring bold color and impact to the interiors of the suites which were awaiting refurbishment by an interior design. The hotel owned existing framed prints which could be incorporated into the overall solution, but on their own did not provide enough color or impact. Since there were several large pieces required, commissioning a handful of original paintings to complement smaller original and framed artworks was the optimum approach. Abstract art was deemed the most appropriate for the hotel's aesthetic.


As an artist, and also the art consultant with a relationship with the hotel, but with no budget for this project, I had to find a creative solution. For the Presidential and Governor's suites, the hotel's management approved a selection of my own paintings which I had previously created. I included mixed media multiples as well as original oil on canvas paintings. In addition, I knew that I could create 2-3 larger oil paintings that would fit their needs. Although there was no budget, I was willing to do this in order to have a venue for my work to be seen by a potential collector audience.

Additional Information

My relationship with the hotel staff enabled this project to be completed over a few months, suiting their own timeframe for refurbishment, as well as my own to permit me to create the works as commissioned site-specific paintings. Overall 12 paintings were installed in the suites, including 10 of my own abstract paintings.