Client: Cancer UK Research Centre

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Livvy Fink

Studio Fink


Peter Fink

Studio Fink


This commission was realized for cellular research institute in Cambridge University UK and the client was the Welcome Trust, a large science foundation. https://wellcome.ac.uk
“Lens” brought together scientists from Cancer Research UK, Institute of Astronomy with the glass artist Livvy Fink, light artist Peter Fink and philosopher Ezra Rubenstein.


The project involved both an installation of glass sculptures illuminated interactivelly with white and UV light revealing hidden details of the microcosm contained in the body of the art objects. The 3d installation also includes large prints on alluminium board that are taken by passage of light throught the body of the art work onto photographic paper, thus reveleaning many hidden details of the art work in magnification.


The project explored the shared commonality of the role of “looking and observing “in art and science.
As a collaborative project it used as its starting point the realization made by the scientists that a observational methodology originally developed to spot distant galaxies could be applied to the identification of biomarkers signaling a cancer’s aggressiveness in breast tumors.