LeLoop - CODAworx


Submitted by Tim Forbes

Client: Studio Liebeskind LTower

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Tim Forbes

ForbesDG Inc

Art Consultant

Grace Zeppilli

GZ Art International


Astound Group

Astound Architectural Group


LeLoop1 is a unique stainless work commissioned by consultants GZArt-Co for installation in the private owner lounge of Toronto’s 57 stories LTower Condominiums designed by celebrated architect Daniel Libeskind.


Design Consultant Grace Zeppilli outlined to Forbes that a dynamic new work was to be installed in a large alcove of modern black and white finishings. Not only was the work to reflect the building architecture, but it was also to act as an iconic ambassador welcoming guests to the entrance adjoining the board room, library and private lounge. Interiors are finished in monochromes: black granite, marble, chrome and white furnishings.


Working from Forbes's 4-inch scale maquette, fabrication was completed by Astound Group, finished with a custom plinth for site installation. Due to the complex curve language of the work, the stainless work was fabricated of a dozen individual hand turned section, then welded seamless into the finished form. Forbes created a specific crystal scratch finish vs a reflective mirror-lie surface in order to refract light in the setting. A custom plinth was created to allow the work to stand lightly "on-point" in contrast to its implied steel weight.