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Leftfield Pictures

Submitted by Steven South

Client: Leftfield Pictures

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Steven South

Perkins + Will

Interior Designer

Steven South

Perkins + Will


Angel Ortiz


Leftfield Pictures is a successful start-up TV production company that focuses on reality TV and “webisodes.” Among Leftfield’s many productions, their most well-known series is the History Channel’s Pawn Stars, which provides a unique glimpse inside the colorful world of the pawn business. Their new offices offer a bold, industrial-inspired design that represents the young and energetic talent that powers the television production company's headquarters. Leftfield considers the space a true showcase for their brand, and they are confident that it will further strengthen their reputation as they continue to expand into the London and Los Angeles markets.


Leftfield Pictures employees are young, energetic, and creative. The staff cohabitate in a very collaborative environment. The canteen is a centrally located space next to an outdoor terrace and is designed to support the collaborative and innovative environment of Leftfield. The intent of the artwork was to support this creative environment. Angel Ortiz a well-established New York graffiti artist was commissioned to create this onsite piece of work. However, in the spirit of collaboration and open sourcing, which is alive and well throughout Leftfield, all are encouraged to write on and otherwise contribute to the graffiti wall. Angel created the backdrop for which other people are allowed to contribute and make this art piece a living artifact that is always evolving and changing.


Because of the changing nature of the art piece Angel Ortiz was given a blank space within to create his graffiti wall. The client, the designer, and the artist felt that it was important that this installation was always evolving and the artist was creating the first layer of this artifact. The team’s intent was to provide another creative outlet for the employees and their guests to express themselves and their creative ideas. So as the people coming through the space change and evolve so will this work of art.