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Leaf Dallas

Client: Billingsley Co

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $400,000

Project Team

Juanjo Novella

Juanjo Novella Studios





In a new development within the city of Dallas, a sculpture resembling a leaf is being erected, poised to become a new icon. The objective is to humanize the emerging urban infrastructure and foster a harmonious connection between architecture, landscape, and human activities. The sculpture evokes the imagery of a falcon prepared for flight, crafted from the form of a tree leaf.


A vegetable element, a leaf was installed, has the appearance of a hawk, dominating the area and ready to fly. It is a symbol of power and protection. It also connects us with nature and the landscape. It invites us to approach and appreciate its dynamic attitude.


Apparently simple, it is a complicated and elaborate piece. Not only the intricate cutting and the meticulous work, but the structure that gives rigidity that is none other than the steel plate itself. This sheet supports different twists and tensions that gives it a very important structural rigidity, in a natural way.