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LAX Communica

Client: Wing Technology Center; UW LaCrosse : Wisconsin Arts Board Percent for Arts Program

Location: LaCrosse, WI, United States

Completion date: 2005

Artwork budget: $15,500

Project Team


Brad Jirka



Katherine Jones



“LAX Communica” was created for the Wing Technology Center at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. This work was designed to create a dramatic marker and visual metaphor for the creative activities of the technology center. The three illuminated tower structures are mounted to the entry side stone facade with a 24’ X 25’ footprint.


The solid elements of the work reflect technological icons that serve as hosts to the ephemeral dimensions of light and communication.

The work includes three "viewing portals" that are active 24/7. These portals enclose LCD video monitors that play motion media works generated by the students and visiting artists. Sound from the works are transmitted by short range radio transmitters.


Bohemiawerks artists developed the works specific content and integration of the installation in response to the information gleaned in site meetings with the stakeholders and architects for the project while working within their individual ideation process, spacial, and object interests. The goal being to integrate the work with not only the spirit of the center but the refined "description" created by the architects of its purpose.

Additional Information

Maintaining a day and night presence this work features Illuminated objects, Video Portals, Radio Transmission, and a modulating color Saturn. Materials include: Powder coated formed and welded Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastics, Low Voltage LED arrays, Electric components.