Laurentian Forest-II - CODAworx

Laurentian Forest-II

Submitted by Ixchel Suarez

Client: 746604727

Location: Warkworth, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Cindy Moore

CTTC-Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre


Richard Watts

Crowe River Studios Ltd.


In my artistic exploration, I delve into the intricate relationship between time and nature, unraveling their interconnected essence and inviting viewers to contemplate the beauty and transience that coexist within our natural world.

Time, with its intangible presence, leaves its indelible mark on the landscapes and ecosystems that surround us. Through my art, I strive to capture the ephemeral moments of nature, frozen in time like fragments of a fleeting dream. The shifting seasons, the dance of sunlight through leaves, and the gradual erosion of rocks all serve as testaments to the relentless passage of time. Each stroke of my brush or sculptural element represents an attempt to capture the essence of a specific moment, preserving it in visual form before it dissolves into the ever-changing tapestry of existence.

Nature, with its awe-inspiring grandeur, provides endless inspiration and serves as a reminder of our place in the larger cosmic order. Through my artwork, I aim to convey the interconnectedness of all living things, from the delicate petals of a flower to the towering majesty of a mountain range. I strive to evoke a sense of reverence and wonder, urging viewers to pause, reflect, and reconnect with the natural world that surrounds us.

In the juxtaposition of time a


In my photographic exploration, I strive to capture the delicate interplay between time, nature, and the lens, revealing the profound beauty and evanescent moments that exist within the natural world.

Photography, as a medium, has a unique ability to freeze a single moment in time, preserving it in a tangible form. Through my lens, I embark on a journey to capture the essence of nature's fleeting wonders. The dance of light upon a dewdrop, the graceful flight of a bird against a setting sun, and the intricate details of a fragile flower petal become visual poetry, encapsulating the transient and ephemeral nature of existence.

Time becomes both a collaborator and a subject in my work. The passage of time etches its story onto the landscapes I photograph. The sculpting force of wind, rain, and erosion leaves behind a testament to the enduring power of nature. In my images, I aim to convey the sense of time's gentle touch or its sweeping force, showcasing the ever-changing rhythm of life within the natural world.

Nature, with its infinite diversity and inherent serenity, becomes the ultimate source of inspiration for my photography. It serves as a reminder of the intricate interconnectedness of all living beings and the delicate balance of ecosystems. Through my art, I strive to


Soft-light fibre sculpture where light and texture create a sense of "forest". In some spaces there has been soundscapes interacting on the space.