Submitted by Griffin Loop

Client: Private Client

Location: Eden, UT, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

design. fabrication. installation

Griffin Loop

Private Client


“A paper airplane represents youthful innocence and fun. It is one of the first things we create as children and launch into the world. The launch intention project, based around this childhood symbol takes us back to that carefree imagination and freedom. It stands for tapping into the intuitive self and truth we all have. Embracing the dreams and path we are ultimately supposed to take. A platform to solidify these dreams and share with each other and the world. A symbol for optimism and hope. Self. Community. Support. Vulnerability and accountability. Launch intention is a reminder for all to free yourself. Set intention and launch into action and the world.”

50ft paper airplane sculpture used as a platform to clarify intent and share with the greater collective.


Utilizing art as a platform to gather and engage individuals and community. The common symbol allows us all to relate and takes us to a time and place that is easy to clarify what we want or need. Once we step into this truth and share it naturally allows another to do the same.
This project is an invite. a reminder. to embrace our true nature and act accordingly.


I executed all stages of this project. Concept to completion, including client interaction and youth engagement.
Quite simply it came to life by following an intuitive thought/vision and letting this drive the action and not getting in the way:)
Through the process the message and mission of the project was realized and then shared. Right when the sculpture was finished i felt inclined to engage a local school (video attached) to share the piece and the message. What happened was magic. True supportive space provided for each individual to share their truth....We then launched our intentions. Together.
It was instantly clear this was meant for the world.

Additional Information

My first large scale art piece was the paper airplane. It showed me personal potential i had not known. It then led me to working with individuals, schools and communities across the country with the sole purpose of embracing our truth and following our dreams. Each time i interact and engage this project it expands. The natural ripple effect is undeniable. it has been an honor to experience.