Laughing Girl - CODAworx

Laughing Girl

Client: Private

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Peter Hite

Production Manager

Seth Rose


This artwork is a real chameleon; its colors change when you look at it from different angles. The subject was chosen to encapsulate the vibrant spirit of the client’s organization, effectively conveying its ethos and mission. It was placed in the lobby as a focal point to welcome staff and visitors with a warm and inviting feeling.


Integrating commissioned artwork into the office space served multiple essential goals. Firstly, it added a unique and personal touch to the environment, making it more inviting and engaging for employees and visitors. The artwork played a pivotal role in reflecting our organization's values, culture, and identity, acting as a visual representation of our mission of bringing joy to our clients. Beyond aesthetics, it fostered creativity and inspiration among the team, contributing to a more vibrant and innovative workplace atmosphere. Moreover, it demonstrated their commitment to supporting local artists and the arts community. The commissioned artwork wasn't just decorative; it was an integral part of our overall design, enhancing our workspace's functionality and aesthetics while reinforcing the organizational identity.


The collaboration between the artist and the client organization was a dynamic partnership. It began with in-depth discussions to understand the organization's values and mission. The artist absorbed this information and translated it into a conceptual vision.

Throughout the project, the artist and the client engaged in an ongoing exchange of ideas. The artist presented initial sketches and concepts, eagerly incorporating the client's feedback to ensure the artwork aligned with their vision.

Clear and frequent communication was key. Regular meetings and updates kept the client closely involved, allowing them to shape the artwork's direction. The artist's creative insights complemented the client's objectives, resulting in a successful synergy.

This collaboration instilled a sense of ownership and pride within the client organization. The commissioned artwork met expectations and exceeded them, reflecting the organization's essence and making a lasting contribution to its identity and workspace.