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Large Resin Archway Backsplashes

Submitted by Danielle Duer

Client: Martha Mazzone

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Kelly Coty

Kelly Coty Design


Martha Mazzone


I received this project through an Interior Designer that I work with all the time.
She came up an idea to fit large panels into these brick insets inside a loft renovation in Boston.
One of the insets would end up doubling as art and as a sort of back splash behind the homeowner’s new kitchen cooktop.
These pieces have been called the crown jewels of this interior renovation project.
The project itself was large and there were so many amazing features throughout. These pieces were meant to tie all of those pieces together.
The painted art was to be created on transparent resin 3 form panels and then an additional layer of resin poured on top of the completed art to protect the pieces, to make them easy to clean behind the cooktop and to give them a shiny, high quality aesthetic.


The pieces had to tie in all of the special features of the interior project.
They had to be different but go together.
They had to fit inside the brick arched insets around 8 ' x 4 ' each.
They had to be able to be cleaned and cared for behind a cooktop.
They had to make a statement and serve as incredible pieces of art on their own.


The 3 form was ordered and shipped directly to me.
It had to come in 4 pieces that would go together 2 pieces at a time.
The Designer created a paper cutout that represented the arches. Because this was an old building and brick, measurements would not have worked to create accurate sizing. Although we anticipated having to trim here and there while installing.
The homeowner loved Klimt and I wanted to use that glittery effect in these floral art panels.
I covered the panels with several types of gold and glitter. Letting layers dry in-between. After, I painted the flowers as I depicted in the design I proved before starting. ( I also provided the client with a small replica of what the final piece would look like for approval ).
After the pieces dried, I mixed art resin and poured it over each separate panel and allowed it to dry for several days under a protective covering.
Then we jigsawed the panels in the final shape and packaged them safely for shipment.
We installed the art with a team of contractors and designers, and did have to trim pieces here and there to get the pieces to fit as we wanted.
The final project was a huge success and the homeowner is now one of my most valued patrons.