Landscapes and Trees of Northern California - CODAworx

Landscapes and Trees of Northern California

Client: Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

Location: Palo Alto, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $19,000

Project Team


Trena McNabb

McNabb Studio, Inc.

Art Consultant

Pam Nickell

Aesthetics, Inc


After submitting sketches of the proposed work fitted to the architects drawings, they were painted in acrylic on fine-weave canvas featuring landscapes and trees of Northern California. The scenes, animals, plants and insects were all throughly researched to make sure they were native to the area.


I was asked to design two paintings which would be scanned and reproduced at 400% to wrap around the walls of two rooms: Pulmonary Treatment (19" x 120"), and Fitness Lab (19" x 145"). The originals placed elsewhere in the hospital. The artwork was planned around cabinets, doors and other equipment scheduled for the room. I made a same size template to work from blueprints received from the client.


I was contacted by the art agent to submit a sketch for the Pulmonary Treatment room first. They sent architects drawings to work from. They would either commission or not depending on the sketch. They contacted me later and said they liked the sketch so much they wanted to give me another room. So I had two commissions. The agents were so helpful and encouraging .

Additional Information

Because these paintings were so large, I worked both at the same time, raising one above the other and switching them around so I could work on one and study the other. For shipping, I removed them from their stretchers and rolled the canvas on a large bubble-wrap roll and shipped individually. The murals should be mounted in the rooms by late October, 2019.