La Danse - CODAworx

La Danse

Submitted by Louise Durocher


Client: Confidential

Location: Southhampton, NY, United States

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Louise Durocher


Rachel Alder

Industry Resource

Artech Seattle


Residential project to punctuate a Southhampton estate. The owners wanted a colorful, whimsical, happy sculpture that would energize the entry to their estate. It had to have a presence and get visitors attention, create conversation. A red brush stroke in the landscape draws “La Danse”.


The main goal was to lighten the mood of this historic, elegant contemplative Victorian home and its traditional landscape. The new owners, a dynamic couple with very young children wanted to hear music, dance and play in the front yard where the sun dwells all afternoon long. "La Danse" adds one contemporary element in an otherwise classic Southampton garden. It is different but in harmony with its opposite. Each elements made stronger by the presence of the other.


I developed the concept based on the comments the owners made. A small steel model was presented to and accepted by the clients. The fabrication of the large piece was done in collaboration with a professional welder who worked with me in translating the multiple angles of the figures and detailing the proportions and style of the base. The clients and I chose the color and it was powder coated. "La Danse" was made and crated in Seattle,WA then shipped and installed by Artech Seattle under my supervision in Southampton.

Additional Information

The interaction between the sculpture and viewers is quite remarkable to this day. Everyone, regardless of generation wants to imitate or "figure out" the exact move or dance associated with "La Danse". Like nature, its appearance changes with the seasons. I was fortunate to see it after a snowstorm. In the wintery scene, a red line barely visible under snow caps.