Kugelmass Garden - CODAworx

Kugelmass Garden

Submitted by Laurel Holtzapple

Client: Dr. Sharon Kugelmass

Location: Charlotte, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Laurel Holtzapple

groundworks studio


Dr. Sharon Kugelmass


Carrie Gault


Theron Ross


Growing out of the garden master plan groundworks designed for the client and in response to the client’s need for a stair to safely negotiate the steep terrain, groundworks designed a dynamic set of brick stairs that cascade down the slope. A swirling terra cotta mosaic flows like a stream, connecting the pieces together. The handrails undulate, responding to the energy of the spirals, and curves within. Landscape Architect and Artist: groundworks studio, Mosaic Fabrication: Carrie Gault, Handrail Fabrication: Theron Ross and Landscape Installation: Marlon Galeas.


Handrails, stairs, and paving were essential project elements. Groundworks studio worked with the client's aesthetic and nearby natural features to develop a design that is of the site and tailored to the client. The garden is now an artful landscape that delights those who pass by.


Groundworks studio worked with metal and mosaic fabricators to bring our vision to life.

Additional Information

The garden was featured on the neighborhood's Home and Garden Tour of Spring 2018.