Kohl Promenade - CODAworx

Kohl Promenade

Submitted by Steve Feren

Client: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Steve Feren


Gail Simpson


The piece ” Kohl Promenade” is a series of twelve animated LED light Towers. The towers are set up with a series of differing animated light shows that can be altered according to the facility event. The piece runs along two walkways, each approximately 150 long by 40 ft. wide.


The Kohl center is a Sports arena holding 17,500 people for events. It was important to create a piece that was active and celebratory in its make up. The work was meant to create a promenade that leads to the event. The work was commisioned in the hope of reflecting the fun and uplifting spirit of the events that take place within the center.


This work was a collaboration between myself self the lead artist, and Gail Simpson another Artist. We collaborated with a group of architects and engineers on the campus of The University of Wisconsin, Madison to accomplish this piece. The engineering of this piece, and various lighting systems were complex and could not have been accomplished with out the engineering help.