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Kitchen glass mosaico

Submitted by Anaposada Mosaico

Client: Private

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team

Ana Eugenia Villareal

Ana Posada

Ana Posada Mosaico


Owner of a home at Ft Lauderdale Florida needed to cover many areas of her kitchen and she wanted a modern, sober and monochromatic design. I was inspired by the movements of tree bark. I used a beautiful glass mosaic with different shades so using the same material looks with movement with none repetition or pattern.
She needed to cover backsplash, window and stove area, coffee area and laundry room.
The mosaic was divided on irregular modules, each well packaged so it is protected. The mosaic modules goes inside a wood container. Instructions of installation and a photo image of the mosaico are included with the modules numbered each, so is easy to know where it mesh should be installed.
We suggest the grout color to clients and they must have a professional to install the mosaic art.


Client loves mosaico, liked very much my designs and the way I do the mosaic technique. Also like to support art from my country.


This process was between the client and me. So we defined all through internet and then I send the mosaic to be installed. She didn't have any problem to install it.

Additional Information

I fell very much confident doing the mosaics in Colombia and sending them to be installed anywhere outside from my area.