Kitchen Backsplash and Bathroom mosaics

Submitted by Adrian Susnea Litman


Client: Sara & Donn Levine

Location: Belmont, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $28,000

Project Team


Adrian Susnea Litman


Sara & Donn Levine


“FIESTA” – kitchen back splash porcelain mosaic – 35SF. As per client's request, I designed and abstract suggestive mosaic of a fiesta atmosphere, combining bright happy colors in dynamic motion shapes. The mosaic starts under the cabinets and continues is a spill over on the living room wall. The “Rising Blue Moon” mosaic executed in a low relief design is installed on a 5' x 9.5' guest bathroom wall.


The Levine residence went through a major remodeling ending in a modern, contemporary look. The creation of the mosaic was to compliment the collection of modern art pieces around the house.


I am the sole artist designer of this project, creating every single component from raw clay fired to bisque and glazed, and final installation.

Additional Information

The use of the tri-dimensional mosaic design in homes interiors create a nice visual impact and add a lot to the mood of the space.