King of Hearts - CODAworx

King of Hearts

Submitted by Carrie Fischer

Client: Chicago Sculpture Exhibit 2021-2022, Lincoln Park Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team

Artist & Fabricator

Carrie Fischer

Fishstone Studio

Engineering and installation

Tom Fischer

Fishstone Studio

Exhibition coordinator

Barb Guttman

Chicago Sculpture Exhibit


Public Sculpture 10.5′ x 3.5′ x 2′
550 LBS
Inspired by the Black Lives Matters movement, I felt a personal calling to research and design a piece that personifies the beauty of black American men and women. The original concept began with a contemporary black female nude figure. I created both a male and a female form with a focus on the simple heart shape form made by our arms coming together in front of our body when our hands are clasped.


This sculpture was designed without movement or energy to represent a quiet and calm shape. The base of the sculpture is shaped like the Adinkra ( African) symbol representing peacemaking.


Sketches and clay maquettes were designed for the initial concepts and feeling of the sculpture.
Reference to Adinkra shapes was used in the base design as well as the simple line form.

Additional Information

I hope you enjoy the sculpture and it might inspire you to understand more intimately the struggles and beauty of black America.