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Kinetic Bonfire


Client: Ingenuity Festival Cleveland

Location: Cleveland, OH, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Anthony Castronovo

Public Art Agent

James Krouse

Ingenuity Cleveland


Kinetic Bonfire is a bicycle powered sculpture that requires participants to ride bicycles in order to generate power to drive the sculpture and to activate the lights. The sculpture consists of six bicycles, each with its own generator and Arduino microcontroller to control the LED lights in the main sculpture. The intensity and speed of the lights are controlled by the speed at which each participant peddles. The three flames are made of steel tubing and plastic pallet wrap. The overall size of the whole installation is 15' tall by 25' wide and 25″ deep.


Ingenuity Festival is an annual public festival that celebrates art and technology in Cleveland, OH. The goals for this project were to make a sculpture that was people-powered and would create a social situation where people would interact with the sculpture as well as with each other. The Kinetic Bonfire is a re-interpretation of the traditional bonfire and it uses technology to re-create something that is primal and essential to human life- fire and social interaction.


James Krouse is the Artistic Director of Ingenuity Festival and an amazing collaborator when it comes to generating project ideas. It was through many conversations with James that I developed the idea for Kinetic Bonfire and these conversations drove the project to its final realization.