Kindred Spirits - CODAworx

Kindred Spirits

Submitted by Roger Stoller

Client: Pima Animal Control Center/Pima County

Location: Tucson, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Mike Anglin, AIA, LEED AP

Line and Space, LLC


Roger Stoller


Entry Artwork that brings the community together, materials: stainless steel, weathered steel, dimensions: 31’w x 15.5’h x 9”d


- Show love between humans & animals.
- Artwork to represent the PACC community.
- Overall image to read from the parking, closer imagery to draw interest as people enter.
- “Seek & Find” detailed imagery of the animals & people of the Center “woven” together, seeing new things hidden in the artwork each time it is viewed.


Worked closely with the project architect to design the setting & structure for the artwork. Meetings with stakeholders and community members to determine what type of imagery & subject matter should be included to represent the larger PACC community. Ongoing collaboration with Pima County to bring the project in on time & within budget.

Additional Information

This artwork is born out of the love between humans & animals; inspired by the Center’s work to help the lives of these animals in need. Seen from a distance is the image of a dog & cat. When closer one can see various portraits of the animals & people that make up the PACC community. The “seek & find” aspect of this work makes for seeing new things hidden in the artwork each time it is viewed. The stainless steel is formed & hand finished to reflect light in ever-changing ways as the sun angle.