Keys Whimsy - CODAworx

Client: Monroe County Public Library, Marathon Branch

Location: Marathon, FL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Darcy Ferrill

Trellage-Ferrill Studio


Shawn Trentlage

Trellage-Ferrill Studio


Keys Whimsy suspended sculpture is designed to address both vertical and horizontal aspects of the Monroe County Public Library, Marathon Branch entrance. Horizontal elements fill the long space with art, and vertical elements to express the height of the space. As you enter, the sculpture greets you and you are underneath it almost immediately based on the size of the space, the piece will be enjoyed mostly from below. Viewing it from above will also carry the essence of the design. When viewing the sculpture from below, you can see the layers of ovals, first the energetic and colorful ‘Library’ concept piece and then the soothing ‘Landscape of the Keys’ piece. Passing through the Library and Landscape oval portion of the sculpture are a series of smaller oval elements that represent the islands of the keys. There is a line of structure that connects the vertical elements together, much like Key Largo to Key West. It also abstractly maps the location of the Library. The playful overlapping of Glass and Acrylic layers and colors represent the collage of the library, who it serves, the community, the history of the Keys, creative people of the Keys and interconnected landscapes. Our sculpture sits 20 feet in the air with overall dimensions set at 9 feet by 4 feet.


• The Oval form is used because it is an expanding form that can radiate outward and inward to infinity, much like a Library expands peoples visions, lives and experiences.
• Words and images are used within the sculpture to further support a Library's opportunities and who it serves.
• Libraries are like gardens of knowledge, learning, playing, inspiring and yet also calming.
• Libraries are very rich with ideas and information that can lead one on a great journey of development and knowledge.
• The 'Library' Oval elements are represented with bright colors with many of them overlapping, to create a dynamic and rich piece. This element speaks about the library as a place of discovery, learning, sharing inspiration and journey. This journey creates a landscape that is continuously growing and changing in which you will see and experience new things.