Keys to Cures Intarcia Floor #2 - CODAworx

Keys to Cures Intarcia Floor #2

Submitted by Kelly Milukas

Client: Intarcia Therapuetics, Inc.

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $125,000

Project Team


Vincenzo Giambertone

ACTWO Architects


Kelly Milukas

Imagination Collaboration


A bold, truly forward thinking, trust based partnering of an Architect and a Resident Artist to script and capitalize on distinct design solutions. One of the most unique project objectives was to integrate the custom artwork being created specifically for the space, and to work with the artist to spatially curate the artwork throughout the environment.


This floor provides wide open spaces for work groups supporting the main headquarters. The primary goal was to continue to uplift the "key to cures" message of the company. The artwork and Kelly’s contributions on-site have led to many visible expressions of company culture and values. Kelly works in a flexible capacity as the resident artist and design consultant.


“When first informed by Intarcia about collaborating with their in-house artist, I
was grateful to be able to design in the pieces vs having them occur
incidentally about the space irrespective of the architecture. Typically, clients
will add artwork after we leave and the pieces are divorced from the
appropriate lighting, curatorial placement and irreverent to the architecture.
Once I met the artist and became familiar with her work and her dedication to
have the architecture and artwork become one, this led to one of the most
joyous professional experiences of my career. The ability to specify the
lighting, provide architectural moments where artwork could live an ultimately
have the artwork perform in the space to the same degree as the architecture,
has led to an unexpected experience both for me as a design professional but
more importantly for the end user that is enveloped in the environment. The
space feels like an art gallery where people work and provides an emotional
value atypically found in such workplaces.” -Vincenzo Giambertone, Architect