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Kennebec Valley Community College Percent for Art

Submitted by Greg Mason Burns

Client: Kennebec Valley Community College

Location: Fairfield, ME, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $10,450

Project Team


Greg Mason Burns




Maine Arts Commission


Murals at KVCC via the Maine Arts Commission Percent for Art Program.

Two murals commissioned by Kennebec Valley Community College via the Maine Arts Commission and the Percent for Art program that dedicates 1% of all state-funded projects to be dedicated to public art.

Each mural is 4′ x 12′ – acrylic on aluminum composite (OmegaBond) and sealed with Rainwise Anti-Graffiti Coating. These are internal murals.


KVCC was required to fund 1% of it's budget for re-purposing a building on its campus. The Maine Arts Commission oversaw the call for art and I was chosen as one of three finalists. After my presentation, I was awarded the contract.

The concept was stained-glass style murals to fill in two hallways that were white and grey only. Adding color would enhance these hallways. The design incorporated people working in the trades that students learn at KVCC as well tools and landmarks that they would be familiar with. It was important to connect the activities and the region of the school and students to the artwork.


I was awarded the contract and asked for recommendations on which trades were mostly taught in the building where the murals would be located. The committee told me which trades to focus on and I developed the murals from there.

Installation included some facilities workers from KVCC.

Additional Information

This was my second public art project, and I was able to learn from previous lessons and advance this style of work for me.