Kathy Johnson - CODAworx

Client: Frederick Hightower

Location: Institute, WV, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Frederick Hightower


West Virginia State Unversity


6' 10″ Bronze Female Figure sculpted by Artist in Clay


Artist sculpted a Portrait life size figure of Kathy Johnson to be installed on the grounds of West Virginia State University where she was an alumni. Family members approved the portrait figure so the likeness was of Mrs. Johnson when she was younger.


Artist brought the Clay original of Kathy Johnson to our foundry where we produced a rubber mold and wax pattern. Mr. Hightower collaborated with us and approved the wax pattern before being gated and vented for the ceramic shell process. Once the shell process was complete then the bronze was poured and the figure was assembled and chased in metal. Metal approved and Patina applied. The Figured was delivered and installed by ART Research with Mr. Hightower in attendance along with University personnel.

Additional Information

The Sculpture of Kathy Johnson was unveiled with her in attendance on her 100th Birthday at the University.