Kampershoek 2.0 - CODAworx

Kampershoek 2.0

Submitted by CM3 custom-made

Client: Municipality Weert, The Netherlands

Location: Weert, Netherlands

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $400,000

Project Team

Landscape Architect

Peter van Bever



Edwin Muller

Muller Design

Industry Resource

CM3 custom-made


The flowing design consisting of two water retentions (75m & 215m) depicts the swell of water against the frame edges. The water and light create a delightful show. An advanced RGB LED lighting was integrated into the synthetic elements, providing spectacular images in the evening. During daytime, there is interaction between the sun’s reflection and the shadow of the swelling frame edges. When the sun sets, the lighting switches on. This can be set per element via an app. A rainbow of colors can be created or you can opt for a specific color.


While water retentions are usually placed underground, the Municipality of Weert decided to make these visible by means of a civil artwork. The new, highly ambitious business park, built on approx. 70 ha, will serve as a business card along the A2 motorway. The added value of the two water retentions is that the business park will get a high-class look. The spacious area includes wide roads and lots of greenery and is well prepared for large-scale distribution and logistics for businesses up to environmental category 4. The colorful eye-catchers not only add cachet to Kampershoek 2.0, but also enhance the atmosphere and increase safety.


In 2017, consultancy & engineering firm Kragten engaged Ruud van Eggelen, a designer at CM3 CUSTOM-MADE, because of his expertise in integrating lighting in designs for public spaces. In close collaboration with the project manager from the Municipality of Weert, the civil artwork was realized. Kragten provided the necessary technical specifications that Van Eggelen translated into the measurements of the artwork. Following various light tests, they moved forward with the final design. In June 2019, both water retentions were installed.