Kaleidoscope on the Square

Submitted by Caron Bowman


Client: West Palm Beach CRA

Location: West Palm Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $-5

Project Team


Dalhia Perryman


Eduardo Mendieta


Caron Bowman


Kaleidoscope on the Square
Weaving a community together thru art
Utilizing a chain link fence to create public art.


Kaleidoscope on the Square is a temporary 200 ft fence installation project that brought together the diverse community that makes up the north end of the city of West Palm Beach, FL . This area is a tightly woven kaleidoscope of culture.


With the community as our inspiration, we created a colorful woven fiber installation on the fence. Each colorful thread, represents the energy, spirit and creativity of the community all woven into geometric patterns, shows how diverse cultural elements become one to transform the fence into a Kaleidoscope of color. The project was sponsored by the West Palm Beach CRA.

Additional Information

Environmental Clean up Zone: The property is part of a Brown Zone EPA project.The fence was used as a public art space to screen the EPA equipment and enhance the neighborhood . It is anticipated that the 2401 Broadway site will be redeveloped with a commercial or mixed use (commercial/residential) land use part of a multiblock assemblage of properties that will be marketed as a single property or portion thereof. The surrounding area is undergoing notable redevelopment with restaurants, shops, and galleries.