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Justitia Omnibus

Client: Metropolitan State University; Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center

Location: Brooklyn Park, MN, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Brad Jirka



Mitchell Dose


Brandon Tagtow

Industry Resource

Mark Hauser

Choice Electric


Daniel Hambrock

Metropolitan State University


“Justitia Omnibus” is an entry marker for the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center at the Metropolitan State University and Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park, MN. The work serves to not only mark the institution's location but act as an element of reflection for those participating in the education of this vital profession and honor that choice.


The work was created to bring a sense of place, and reflection of purpose, to the LECJEC environs and community. Sited at the entry it celebrates the dedication of current and future members of the law enforcement profession as the purveyors of civility. The integration of the work focuses upon the creation of a heightened experiential space for the users of the semi-enclosed exterior common and gathering area through the use of symbol, light, and motion.


The collaborative components included a preselection institutional process guided in part by the solicitation of comments, concerns, and ideas as to the content of the work and the visual preferences of the students and other stakeholders. This information, being conveyed by the committee to the pre-screened artists, was used in conjunction with stakeholder meetings to develop the final content of the work within their individual studio process. Bohemiawerks developed the works specific content and integration of the installation in response to this information and within their individual ideation process, spacial, and object interests.

Additional Information

“Justitia Omnibus” is fabricated from a plethora of rich and enticing materials including patinated copper and brass over an Aluminum sub structure, mass cast flow coated urethane components, and internally illuminated with digitally controlled FX LED lighting with animated flames. The work was Commissioned for the State of Minnesota on behalf of Metropolitan State University and Hennepin Technical College under the Minnesota Percent for Art.