Jupiter Florida Residence - CODAworx

Jupiter Florida Residence

Submitted by Twyla Gettert

Client: Private

Location: Jupiter, FL, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Artist, creator

Twyla Gettert

Represent client

MAC Fine Art

MAC Fine Art


Aerial View I, II Diptych original paintings, 72″x48″ each created in acrylic and inks. Flowing blue, gray, gold, and touches of powder bronze, accent this watercolor style painting on canvas. Abstract water flowing with accents of energy creates a calm, but interesting combination. Controlling the water to make the composition is the creative action in this abstract painting. The artist enjoys the direct painting technique of expressionism. The artist was also inspired by a seminar on Biophilic Design. Biophilic Design is a bridge between interior design, nature and well-being. It takes the elements of nature that have a positive effect on us and reproduces them indoors, creating interiors that actively support our wellbeing.


This dyptch was created especially to fit this lovely interesting duo wall space.