Jubilee Tower - CODAworx

Jubilee Tower


Client: Walsall Parks dept and Northern Arts

Location: Walsall, United Kingdom

Completion date: 1977

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Philip Vaughan

Patrick Head


60ft tall steel guyed tower with neon and chasing circuitry, designed and built by the artist in 1977 as a commission from the Walsall Parks dept and the Northern Arts Council in the UK


The project was part of an Illuminations Festival in celebration of the Queen's Jubilee. The commission was carried out with the help of local unemployed youth volunteers, who assisted in the assembly, wiring and erection of the Tower


The engineering for the tower was done by my friend Patrick Head, the Formula One engineer. He calculated the loads and sized the components. The Northern Arts Council assisted the local; parks dept in the commissioning and funding process with the added assistance of the Arts council of Great Britain. The local parks dept supplied the crane and some staff to help erect the tower and to guy it down to earth anchors.