Jumbro Tron - CODAworx

Jumbro Tron

Submitted by Elizabeth Carrington

Client: Spurs Sports and Entertainment

Location: San Antonio, TX, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $7,000

Project Team


Elizabeth Carrington

Art Consultant

Alice Foultz


The AT&T Center just underwent major upgrades and updating their art collection and interiors was part of the project. I was commissioned to create a piece that reflected the aspects of Spurs, Sports & Entertainment. The area I had to work in was approx. 15’w x 18’h


The goals for integrating commission artwork into this project were to reflect all aspects of the franchise. The new Jumbo Tron was my inspiration because the fans love it and it has transformed the experience while at events in the arena. I had already designed a much larger wall right beside this piece so i had to make sure they felt cohesive, complimentary and not redundant of the previous piece.


As the designer and artist, i worked directly with the art curator of Spurs, Sports & Entertainment collection who was the liaison with the franchise. I hired and was the liaison for the vendor who did the fabrication and installation of the wall covering. Final approval of design came from Spurs, Sports & Entertainment.

Additional Information

This wall reflects on all aspects of Spurs, Sports & Entertainment and the exciting, multifaceted sports and culture of San Antonio. I hope it inspires all girls and boys to get out there and be the star of their own show. San Antonio has an infectious spirit of Energy, Kindness and Family. Let’s Get Loud!