Julieta Busca - CODAworx

Julieta Busca

Submitted by Magda Love

Client: Lori Christmas Tree

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $1,000

Project Team


Magda Love

Public Art Agent

Muros en Blanco Festival


Lori Christmas Tree


I was invited as selected artist to mural festival “Muros en Blanco” in San Miguel de Allende. The commission was to paint on the sidewall of Local Resident Lori Christmas Tree, a wonderful local artist who was excited and guide us through the design project. The wall is two stories high and aprox 48 feet wide.


The owner of the home, along the founders of Muros en Blanco, are huge supporters of the local arts. We wanted to integrate elements of local culture, traditions, flora and fauna. I wanted to recreate the importance of muralism and folk arts as a reflection of local mythology and tales.


We all had a meeting and discuss the conceptual, proceeded with sketches and completed. Everyone was really happy and excited with results.