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Journey, an immersive dining experience

Submitted by Asher Remy-Toledo

Client: Broadway International

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Creative Team

Asher Remy-Toledo

Hyphen Hub


Marc Routh

Broadway International


This is a project currently under construction in New York City’s Flatiron District. I am part of the creative team with a focus on the multimedia content which merges video, FashionTech, augmented reality, and experiential media in this 13,000 SF venue. Blending fine dining with an immersive experience created by a world class team of video, fashion and Broadway creators, Journey combines cutting-edge techniques in 3D animation, video projection mapping and theatrical design paired with high end international cuisine.


The design team was tasked with collaborating on elements which would result in a unified narrative and yet allow each of the experiences to work independently.


The process has been an exhilarating collaboration between the artists (theatrical design team, FashionTech, Augmented Reality, Video Design, Directors, Writers, Filmed Performers and Live Performers.

Additional Information

The flagship location in the Flatiron District will launch the project which is expected to be expanded to multiple locations after the premiere.