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John Deere Logo, Column & Plow


Client: John Deere

Location: Cary, NC, United States

Completion date: 2003

Project Team


Stephen Porter


John Deere


In 2003, the John Deere company had just changed their logo to a leaping deer and needed a significant sculpture to highlight that change. During this time they commissioned Stephen to complete three separate sculptures; a John Deere Logo, the JD initials, and a small abstract version of the original John Deere plow. These three sculptures are stainless steel; the Column is 92in x 14in x 16in, the Plow is 18in x 22.5in x 14.5in and the Logo is 8ft 6in high and 12 ft long.


John Deere invented a plow which was the start of their company. In a sense, Stephen's work has memorialized the beginnings of this company and marked significant logo changes when the company revisited their branding. The leaping deer that Stephen created is based exactly on the dimensions of their new brand design.


Stephen had some freedom to create an abstract column of the JD initials as well as the abstract John Deere plow. Both of these sculptures were met with great approval and each marks an important moment in John Deere's history.