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Jiva Medical Spa Mural (1)

Submitted by Nicholas Schukay

Client: Jiva Medical Spa

Location: Columbus , OH, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $2,500

Project Team


Nicholas Schukay

Schukay Artistry


Doctor Nanda

Jiva Med Spa


10ft x 20ft
Water-based latex paint/ acrylic paint
With a gloss finish

The Jiva Medical Spa Mural is a collaboration of the love for Columbus, Ohio, and the representation of beautiful agony. Jiva Spa specializes in tattoo removal and which to have a piece that represents the process plus represents Columbus. I decided to create an individual who was breaking down and forging back together and in that process, you can see the beauty of Columbus. The mural is a contemporary piece showcasing the pain of beauty for the process of laser tattoo removal is not without pain.


The goal was to create a piece that represents Columbus and Jiva. In the piece, you can discover many hidden elements from the Jiva logo hidden in ivy to the Short North Arches. The piece even has a hidden monkey and whale, making the audience gaze upon the piece for long hours.