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Jaxon Texas Kitchen & Beergarden

Submitted by Studio 11 Design


Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Kellie Sirna

Studio 11 Design


Stacy Elliston

Studio 11 Design

Associate Principal

Alison Schulze

Studio 11 Design

Senior Project Architect

Gero Temesvary

Studio 11 Design

Project Manager

Brooke Bauer

Studio 11 Design

Artist & Stylist

Christy O'Neal

Lou Verne

Creative Director & Stylist

Josh Gregg

Lou Verne


The AT&T Discovery District is a new lifestyle destination in downtown Dallas, a multi-sensory experience replete with a 100+ foot media wall, 30 foot sculptural and sound installation, and the city’s most exciting new dining spot: Jaxon Texas Kitchen & Beergarden. With a narrative crafted by Studio 11 Design, Jaxon is a new breed restaurant and beer garden that embraces touch-less technology and what it means to be a space for socializing in 2020, without compromising authentic connection to the destination through thoughtfully curated artwork.

The marriage of material and visceral sensation through art and design will be a long-lasting trend in 2020 and the years to come. Making reality feel comforting to guests while implementing safe, high-tech touches is a difficult artistic challenge. Jaxon brings both to life in a way that is uniquely Texas and speaks to the importance of preserving heritage in the face of future innovation.


Studio 11 Design closely collaborated with the firm’s styling, curation, and art vertical, Lou Verne, to develop a narrative that pulled notes from the industrious roots of the location. The firm worked with a mix of metals and an exposed ceiling painted dark charcoal, pulling notes from materials more traditionally found on a Texas ranch. With visitors and locals seeking a warm and welcoming indoor/outdoor experience in mind, Studio 11 Design adapted a thoughtful approach with a few cheeky Texas twists. It was important to the firm to develop a narrative that would feel approachable, true to a culture that is very uniquely Texas in spit of new norms for socializing. Thus, design touches and materials were carefully sourced and reclaimed from unusual sources throughout the state.

For example, one standout moment is an artwork concept in the dining room area, created with bricks sourced throughout the state. In keeping with Jaxon's warm and welcoming ambiance, many of the bricks were reclaimed by Lou Verne, the firms art vertical, from old barns in Fort Worth, Dallas, and beyond. A labor of love, vision, and invention — Jaxon sets the bar for how hospitality will be redefined in the years ahead.


The creative process that makes Jaxon unique and innovative is the mix of rustic design elements and immersive visual art displays. Upon entry, unique touches include over-scaled wood door handles and tapered flooring that draws guests in. Inside, a custom chandelier overlooks the main dining room, inspired by the principles of industrial design, metal forging, and the traditional lines of a candelabra. Concrete floor tiles were inset with wood strips creating a grid on all axises and diagonally.

To create an arrival experience that feels comforting in homage to the destination, the firm placed oversized terrariums filled with cactus in the entryway while the firm’s art, styling, and sourcing vertical branded a wood wall at the door with locally-found cattle brands sourced from Texas ranches. Carboys used in the brewing process and wood-stacks made of cooking wood were arranged directly behind the hostess stand. These tangible elements are in complement to the high-tech touches throughout the space.

As an homage to Jaxon’s location within the AT&T Discovery District and to provide an unexpected moment, restrooms feature collages of icons from Warner Brothers classics and Texans of renown such as Willie Nelson and Selena. 

Additional Information

The focal point of the wood paneled bar is a massive horseshoe shaped beer tap. The bar top offers surface-charging, a cutting-edge application and a nod to the savviness of the destination. Beyond the cactus terrarium, lies a lounge area with seating to suit guests’ needs — whether that be enjoying their BBQ from the outdoor stand or having a cocktail late into the night.