Ball and Jacks - CODAworx

Client: Parker Arts

Location: Parker Colorado, CO, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team

Lead Artist/Fabricator

Christopher Weed

Christopher Weed Sculpture Inc.

Client/Commissioning agency

Elaine Mariner

Parker Arts


Award winning Ball and Jack sculptures Public Art. The Town of Parker, Colorado commissioned me for the new Discovery Park Gateway Project. I created Iconic ball and Jack sculptures on a monumental scale. These sculptures draw the viewer nearer while piquing their curiosity. They are universal and easily identifiable. Each Jack is constructed of durable stainless steel and is 20’ wide by 20’ deep and 14’ high, weighing over 3 tons each. This installation encompasses an area 14 high’ x 68’ wide and 46′ deep. The sculptures are illuminated in the evening with RGBA light-emitting diodes, circulating through the color spectrum in a brilliant fashion. These whimsical and light-hearted sculptures were designed to create an atmosphere where families of all ages can congregate, spending quality time together. This larger then life installation resonates with both young and old alike, transcending time.


These whimsical and light-hearted sculptures at Discovery Park were designed to activate the Plaza area while creating an Iconic Gateway Sculpture that is easily identifiable with a strong daytime and nighttime presence. The use of durable materials had to be suitable for the extreme Colorado weather and daily public interaction. The use of brushed stainless steel for their warm tones and brightly colored ball contrast one another beautifully, popping when the passing sun shines on them and drawing the viewer nearer. Lastly, it was important that the installation speaks to a bygone time, creating an atmosphere where families of all ages can congregate, spending quality time together.


Artist met with the client-agency and art selection committee on multiple occasions in order to bring this exciting project to fruition. The public was brought into the conversation concerning the artist's qualifications and his purpose for having created/designed this particular installation and thoughts behind activating this space and any other concerns that might arise. Three public meetings were planned and executed before the final vote from the Art Selection Committee. on moving forward. Much thought and consideration went into working with architects and city engineers on integrating sculptures and lighting prior to the construction of the site.

Additional Information

The Ball and Jack Sculptures have been a huge success at Discovery Park and the Town of Parker, Colorado. These Iconic sculptures have created an identifiable Gateway Sculpture at this important intersection, activating this space while adding to creative placemaking. This installation has had an instant impact on the thousands of commuters and pedestrians that traverse this route daily. In 2018 Ball and Jacks installation was awarded the prestigious American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award for Design.