Interlude - CODAworx


Submitted by Gerard Motondi

Client: EnglishPoint Marina

Location: Mombasa, Kenya

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $42,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Diani Beach Art Gallery

Diani Beach Art gallery


EnglishPoint marina


English point marina is at the Kenyan Coast City of Mombasa. ” Interlude” is a centre piece stone sculpture made of black Kenyan granite measuring 4mx 2.5 mx 2.5 m. The Sculpture depicts a semi abstract human form dressed in traditional regalia. The theme for the sculpture is African Culture the past present and future.


To express African culture through stone art. The intergration echoes the famous historical Fort Jesus site which directly opposite the English point Marina


Collaboration involved the Architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers Crane operators and heavy machine operators. The property developer was indeed handy in ensuring the success of the project. Art critics too played a vital role.

Additional Information

One of the major contemporary stone art in the east African coast.