Interactive Magnetic Wall Reflector - CODAworx

Interactive Magnetic Wall Reflector

Submitted by Yael Erel

Client: miSci Museum of Innovation and Science

Location: Schenectady, NY, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Yael Erel


Schenectady Museum of Innovation and Science


Avner Ben Natan


In this piece (10’x5′), light is projected onto an interactive reflector to create light-drawings on the floor surface. The general public can shift magnets on the wall, thus changing the reflector’s topography and transforming the created light drawings. The piece allows micro-scale events appear otherworldly and alive when they transcribe through a simple act of reflection.


The Interactive Magnetic Wall is part of "Revealing Light-scapes" Light Installation at miSci, The Schenectady Museum of Innovation and Science. It is an immersive installation of light and sound meant to reveal microscopic surface events. The Interactive Magnetic Wall Reflector serves as an entrance to the installation and is site specifically designed with the curatorial staff to create interactive wall and floor surfaces.


Yael Erel is the designer and artist that created the light installation. Erel worked with Avner Ben Natan, her partner in lightexture and RPI student researchers to develop the project. Soundscape was created by Torben Pastore. The team worked in close collaboration with the miSci museum curatorial staff to create an interactive immersive environment.