Interactive Lighting Installation - CODAworx

Interactive Lighting Installation

Submitted by VISIBLE, LightAct

Client: Public Park

Location: Fresno, California, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Robb Pope

Digital Ambiance

Industry Resource

Anticlockwise Arts

Anticlockwise Arts

Industry Resource



VISIBLE, a creative technology group, completed a 1200 sqm large public installation in Cultural Arts District of Fresno, California, USA. They worked with studios Digital Ambiance and Anticlockwise Arts, both from Oakland, California.The installation consists of 5 large inverted canopies on a public square. The canopies serve as a diffuser to around 450 light fixtures installed by Digital Ambiance. These light fixtures interact with people on the square with the help of LightAct, VISIBLE's own control system.


The idea behind the installation is to revive the public place by reacting to movements of people.


VISIBLE developed an algorithm that uses 15 thermal cameras to track people on the square. This was a very large challenge that needed to be done right at the outset of the project. This positional data is then used to generate real-time light patterns above the canopies, which were designed and created by VISIBLE and Anticlockwise Arts. The patterns are never the same, which means the square looks different and 'new' every time you are there.