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Integrated Visionaries

Submitted by David Ocelotl

Client: California Polytechnic University

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Catherine J. Trujillo, Curator

California Polytechnic University


David Ocelotl

Ocelotl Art


Medium: Acrylic on MDO
Dimensions: 27’ x 6’ x 1″
Year Completed: 2017
Location: California Polytechnic University
Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics
San Luis Obispo, California


My goal and vision for this composition was to create a powerful visual representation of the study and research of science and mathematics with emphasis on honoring and embracing diversity and inclusivity. The driving force to my creative approach was greatly inspired not only by critical thinking and the pursuit of information but also multiculturalism and gender diversity. This mural depicts a community working together to explore and create significant advancements in society through science, math, social interaction, and art. Located in the center of the mural is an image that I call “ Disintegration of Humankind”. This image is very significant because it represents human features from many cultures and genders. On the far left are several characters representing vision, study and research of mathematics. On the far right are several characters that represent vision, study and research of science.