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Inhale : Exhale

Submitted by Apparatus

Client: Shire of Esperance

Location: Esperance, Australia

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $255,000

Project Team


Andrew Fraser


Chris Nixon

Public Art Consultant

Apparatus: Public Art + Cultural Services


Shire of Esperance


Light Application

Community Partner

The Cannery Arts Centre

Community Partner

Esperance Community Arts



In 2020, the Shire of Esperance undertook a renovation program to modernise and freshen up the Esperance Civic Centre; a community focal point, providing a major entertainment venue in the South East of Western Australia. The use of this facility is diverse, ranging from concerts, conventions large and small, exhibitions, and meetings. One part of this project has involved updating the facade by repainting the roof and rendering the brick walls, which also included a facade treatments in the form of painted works and lighting.

The aim for the Facade Artwork was to become a landmark and a source of pride for the community.

Engaging day and night, the mural and lighting treatment aimed to meet the varying needs of this hard-working, multi-purpose community facility.


The artwork now housed at the Esperance Civic Centre is intended to be a destination artwork. The artwork acts as a beacon, drawing visitors to the site and activating the Civic Centre day and night using a combination of painted mural and facade lighting. During the day, the artwork impresses visitors and residents with a dynamic skin, and with a luminous glow during the evening.

The Mural Artwork which encompasses all facades, including walls and roofing as well as the entrance pillars and breakout courtyard to the North of the building, creates and atmosphere of excitement and dynamic energy. With a subtle and refined design, the artwork assists in creating a tangible sense of place, destination, adding colour, vibrancy, and character to the Civic Centre.

Integrated with the building entrance, the lighting was installed with attention to detailing. The lighting artwork incorporates kinetic or programmed lighting over all or parts of the building, while night lighting will energise and enliven the local area, providing a stimulating point of interest for people entering the building.