Submitted by george kozmon



Location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


George Kozmon



James Krouse, Creative Director



CLOUDSCAPE was created on-site for INGENUITYFEST, the premier international arts and technology event in Ohio. The canvas was stretched over a curved wall and measures 8ft. x 80ft. (2.44M x 24.4M), The event itself was indoor/outdoor, right on Lake Erie, with 125,000sq. ft. of indoor exhibition space, and attendance exceeding 50,000.


The event is packed with performances and exhibitions, balanced between technology and art. The monumental canvas was designed as a live-action painting, so the audience could witness the creative process, and see the evolution of the work. The artist interacted extensively with the audience while creating the work, enabling deeper understanding of artistic intent, aesthetic decision making, and technical problem-solving. The scale was inspired by the enormity of the warehouse, which was partly open to the long horizontality of the lake.


INGENUITYFEST 2013 had as it's theme the word CLOUD, which could be interpreted in an endless variety of ways. CLOUDSCAPE was a direct interpretation, with the content of the image as environmental exploration, conceived and designed by the artist. The schematics of the curved wall was also designed by the artist and built by the staff of INGENUITYFEST. The creative director, James Krouse, was the ideal collaborator; his skills in problem-solving, making sure the artists needs were met, (lighting, construction assistance...), without micro-managing or over-directing the aesthetic direction of the project, made everything function absolutely perfectly.

Additional Information

An incredible journey; unmanageable scale, insanely exhausting hours, tons of paint, great audience, a fantastic opportunity for truly large-scale work!