Infinity Temple - CODAworx

Infinity Temple

Submitted by Florentine Farms


Location: Essex Junction, VT, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Owner, PM, Creative Director

Stephen Rhoades

Florentine Farms LLC

Crew Lead

Matt Marsie

Florentine Farms LLC


If dreams were real, this would be one.

After the enormous success of the Infinity Temple at Electric Forest in 2019, Stephen Rhoades and the Florentine Farms crew began dreaming bigger. So that’s what they did. A massive increase in size, LED’s and magic, the Infinity Temple 2.0 gives new life to the already immersive and enchanting installation.

The nearly 16ft tall hexecontahedron dazzles and amazes. From a futuristic land where magic is in no short supply, the Temple is sure to captivate. Surrender yourself to a higher power.

Immerse yourself in light.
The Infinity Temple is the second light installation based on optical illusions and mirrors created at Florentine Farms by Stephen Rhoades. Built specifically to debut at Electric Forest 2019, the Temple is made of 55+ two-way triangles and over 10,000 LEDs. Utilizing sophisticated mapping technology, the Temple is completely programmable to any visuals and music.

This scale up from 2018’s “The Portals” continues to play upon a duality of life, night and day. During the day rests a reflective dome. Time to reflect upon yourself, your peers and your surroundings. At night transports you to another world. Introspection… looking forward… and looking into infinity


This piece was originally built for Electric Forest in 2019, with a focus on lighting and magnitude. Since then it has continued to share its magnificence across the country to hundreds of thousands of people.