Submitted by Todor Todorov


Client: Municipality

Location: Tangshan, China

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Todor Todorov


Movement is at the heart of all processes existing in the universe. This sculpture symbolises the passing movement in a form which is uninterrupted and transformed into energy, spinning smoothly in its three projections. Triunity is a profound ancient symbol, containing within itself the unity of man, life and God. Every creation is subject to this universal law and acts in absolute harmony.


The abstract symbolism of the sculpture is reduced to a sign, with the objective of being perceived emotionally. Its soft silhouette is in harmony with the park environment, which enhances its presence in three-dimensional space. The work is monumental, yet at the same time it has the cosy emanation of a chamber work. It predisposes towards meditation and contemplation, pulsating and captivating.

Additional Information

red granite, 2.20/2.20/2.20 m.