Infinite Span - CODAworx

Client: City and County of Denver

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Michael Buckley

Public Art Administrator

Rudi Cerri

Denver Arts & Venues | City and County of Denver

Public Art Program Manager

Michael Chavez

Denver Arts & Venues | City and County of Denver


Infinite Span is a 12′ mirror-polished stainless-steel diamond sculpture suspended with stainless steel cables attached to two 18′ galvanized steel posts. The artwork floats over the plaza in Grant Frontier Park, overlooking the South Platte River. Infinite Span is symbolic of the infinite nature of time and the present fleeting moment.


The goal of the public art project was to create a unique and inspiring destination for those who visit Grant Frontier Park and the South Platte River. And for the artwork to identify with the river's environment and history. Infinite Span was placed on an existing plaza that is now becoming the focal point for the park. The mirror-polished stainless-steel diamond reflects the viewer's image into the ever-changing environment of the South Platte River's ecosystem. The artwork was selected through a public process that relied highly on community input.


The project was a collaboration with the Denver Parks and Recreation Department, The Greenway Foundation, and the community-led selection committee that established and developed the commissions' goals, parameters and selected the artist.

Additional Information

Michael Buckley (born January 23, 1973) is an American artist best known for his large-scale public art installations. His work draws upon ideas of time and the temporary nature of existence. For example, with its 20-foot-tall steel tripod, Hanging Boulder allowed the viewer to spin an 8-ton hanging boulder without mechanical assistance. Inspired by the Land Artists that emerged in the 1960s, his work is often a response to the environment where it is sited. He lives and works in Salida, Colorado.