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Infinite Remembrance of Doña Fela

Submitted by Cero Design Built Inc.

Client: San Juan Municpality

Location: San Juan, PR, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Roberto Biaggi

Cero Design Built Inc.


Celso González

Cero Design Built Inc.


Infinite Remembrance To Doña Fela: 5,000 sq/ft ceramic tile over concrete. Commissioned by the Municipality of Old San Juan. Budget $250,000.00 It’s a tribute to the first woman Mayor of the city of San Juan. Its inspired in her unique character and the social work and community service she did during her 4 years incumbency. Also, the love and education she gave to the people thru her service.


The city of Old San Juan is the captial of Puerto Rico. This city is the one that recieves millions of turist from arround the globe. As we were selected to make a mosaic mural pieces which reflected the modern history of the city. Felisa Riincon de Gautier was the first woman mayor for the city and that gave some empowerment to the women of the time. Every community was touched with the work during her governes in the city. Our goal was to reflect every single aspect that distiguished her and what she did.


This proyect took us a year to complete and with a total of 300,000 tile pieces placed. It was eduring, we work around the climate and even we needed to put some more effort it to fix the sidewalk. But each our team stood by it very compromised to complete this 5,000 sq ft art piece. Day and even nights, this mosaic mural became our life during that year. Our aritst leader Celso González and Roberto Biaggi never let th team down and put every effort to make the greatest example event though sometimes the tired hand couldt keep with a fast pace work.

Additional Information

This pieces has become in a icon piece of art for Puerto Rico, everybody knows about it. It has been showcase in numorouse artist, goverment videos, interviews and photographs everybody feels part of this piece.