Infinite Flowers - CODAworx

Infinite Flowers

Submitted by Lance Turner

Client: ArtFields

Location: Lake City, SC, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $17,000

Project Team


Lance Turner


Public Art Agent

Jamison Madey



25ft x 100ft. Exterior Satin Acrylic on Synthetic Stucco. This was made for ArtFields in Lake City, SC.


I made a design for the building that turned the local flowers that Lake City is known for into an art field. I was particularly interested in making plants look unnatural, and then arranging them in a natural way, and repeating it into something unnatural. Its a back and forth process that will turn up some interesting results.


Jamison Madey asked me to make this mural, and she and the ArtFields team made sure that this was the easiest process ever, and that I was well paid. I can't believe I got to work with them. I painted it all by myself over the course of a month.

Additional Information

Go see Art Fields in April! Each year Lake City is filled with great art!