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In Our Own Backyard

Client: City of Boise Dept. of History & Art

Location: Boise, ID, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $48,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Surbeck Waterjet

Surbeck Waterjet


Amy Cheng

Amy Cheng Studio

Industry Resource

David Clayton

Titan Stone and Tile


Karl LeClair

City of Boise Dept. of History & Art


Ceramic and mosaic tile mural featuring twenty printed glass discs. The mural occupies an irregular shaped wall over a staircase approximately 35' W x 27' H.


In Our Own Backyard features examples of twenty wildflowers native to the State of Idaho. The mural, although stylistically contemporary, borrows its curvilinear shapes from Art Nouveau, a turn of the century art movement based on, and inspired by, ancient Egyptian Art. Across the street from the Bus Terminal is a historical Egyptian Theatre and concert venue inaugurated in 1927.


The mural was commissioned by the City of Boise Dept. of History and Art for the Valley Regional Transit Downtown Bus Terminal. Project managers were Karen Bubb and Karl LeClair.