In Memory of Robert J Desiderati - CODAworx

In Memory of Robert J Desiderati

Submitted by Julie Kornblum

Client: Karen Desiderati

Location: Mesa, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Julie Kornblum


Karen Desiderati


Memorial wall sculpture, 13 silk ties, 40″ H x 60″ W.
Karen Desiderati kept her father’s ties for 27 years after he passed, and in 2021, she commissioned a wall piece to be made using the ties. Bob Desiderati was an accountant at a government agency, and wore a suit and ties all of his career. He loved his ties with unconventional (for the 1970’s) prints in bright colors. Youngest daughter, Karen, her sister and mother loved finding the best designs for him.


Honoring the family memories of Bob wearing his ties was the priority.